Lorry makes dangerous lane change, forcing Merc driver to step on brake suddenly to avoid accident

Submitted by Stomper Paul

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A close call?

A Toyota lorry overtook a Mercedes-Benz at a busy traffic junction and drove into the Mercedes' lane, causing the Mercedes driver to quickly step on the brake to avoid an accident on Dec 28.

Stomper Paul shared a dash cam video of the incident that happened on Jurong Town Hall Road at the Ayer Rajah Expressway junction under the Teban Flyover.

He said: "The lorry driver made a dangerous lane change, causing the other car, the Mercedes, to apply the emergency brake."

The video initially shows the Mercedes waiting for the light to change at the junction. The lane to the right of the Mercedes was empty.

After the light turned green, the Mercedes started to move and the lorry suddenly appeared, overtaking the Mercedes on the right.

Then to avoid vehicles waiting to turn right in that lane, the lorry cut into the Mercedes' lane, forcing the Mercedes to decelerate suddenly to avoid a collision with the lorry.

The video later shows the Mercedes overtaking the lorry after the junction.