Man won't stop flashing middle fingers after getting honked at for cutting into woman's lane

Submitted by Stomper Cindy

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Flipping the bird is the go-to reflex for some people when they are upset.

Super unhappy? Point both your middle fingers.

But what do you do when both fingers still aren't enough to convey your immense displeasure?

A man simply kept flashing his two middle fingers at a driver who had honked at him for cutting lanes.

Stomper Cindy shared dashcam footage of her encounter with the man along Tampines Central 1 last Tuesday (Dec 20), at around 2.40pm.

Cindy recounted: "This guy cut into my lane when his lane only allowed him to turn left. I honked at him because it wasn't right of him to do that.

"He came out of his car to confront me. I did not open my window or communicate with him but he kept showing me the hand sign.

"I was shocked by the incident and fortunately, I had jammed on my brakes in time or I would have gotten into an accident.

"I am a lady, where got dare to open the window or what to talk to him when he is acting this way. He was behaving like a low class ah beng.

"The police should take action against this kind of driver."

In the video, Cindy can be heard honking at a white car that had suddenly cut in front of her.

This leads the car driver to stop in the middle of the road and exit his vehicle. He is then seen taunting the Stomper repeatedly by flashing his middle fingers.

Cindy made a police report on the same day.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.