Look what flyer did to man's car parked at Pasir Ris

Submitted by Stomper Fed Up

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Stomper Fed Up was frustrated when he found a flyer stuck to the glass of his car's windscreen on Saturday (Oct 6).

He discovered what had happened when he went down to his vehicle that was parked at a surface carpark near Block 407 Pasir Ris Drive 6.

"A flyer was stuck to my car windscreen and I could not get the glued residue off it," he told Stomp in a phone interview.

"I tried scraping it off but it still left residue on the screen."

The flyer appeared to be advertising car tyres.

The Stomper said he believes the recent rainfall followed by hot weather caused the glossy film on the paper to stick to the glass.

"I wonder how many car owners' vehicles are vandalised by these flyers," he said.

"Who's going to pay for the stained windscreen?"

He told Stomp he was irritated that he now has to find time to get soap and water to scrub off the remnants of the flyer.

"I just hope that it won't leave any scratches," he said.

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