Long John Silver's reviews product preparation procedures after customer shares feedback on food quality

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Long John Silver's reviewed and checked their product preparation procedures after a customer shared that its quality of food was getting poorer.

A Stomper had lunch at Long John Silver's at Hillion Mall at about 1.50pm on Oct 22 and had a really hard time.

The Stomper contributed photos and said: "I ordered a two-fish set meal at Long John Silver's in Hillion Mall but I was given a two-layered battered fish instead.

"I broke a piece of the fish with my hands and saw that there were two layers. 

"The quality of food at Long John Silver's is getting poorer. The fish was obviously fried again and again, and it was as hard as a rock."

In response to Stomp queries, a Long John Silver's spokesperson said: "Long John Silver’s takes product quality very seriously and is committed to uphold a high level of food quality standard.

"In response to the feedback, we had reviewed and checked on the product preparation procedures, and like to share that:

  • "Stringent checks are in place to ensure the products are well-cooked and within standard. Sub-standard products are not served.
  • "Constant effort is put in place in training and guiding staff to comply with our service standards and guidelines.

"We serve thousands of meals a day and it is unfortunate that a product of such quality has slipped past our QC that we have put in place.

"Long John Silver’s will continue to improve on our ability to deliver quality meals to our valued customers.

"We will like to appeal to have the reader to provide us his/her contact details so that we can perform service recovery.

"We can be reached at our Customer Relations email at customerservice@zensho.sg"

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