Caterer fined $5,000 after kitchen found infested with cockroaches, houseflies

A caterer was fined $5,000 on Wednesday (Oct 16) after the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) found several lapses at its premises, including an infestation of cockroaches and houseflies, during a routine inspection on June 19.

AG (Global) Events Catering's operating licence had previously been suspended by SFA for 27 days from June 20 to July 16.

The suspension had been lifted after the caterer had rectified the lapses and taken measures to improve the cleanliness of its premises.

During its inspection on June 19, SFA also found raw meat thawing improperly, contamination of uncovered food by condensate from an unclean ceiling and uncovered raw ingredients were left on the floor.

It added in its statement that structural damages on flooring and wall tiles were found to be dirty and there was poor maintenance of a chiller system that lead to water leakage.

In the interest of public health, all finished food products, semi-processed food items and raw ingredients were disposed of immediately.

The authority said that it will take enforcement action against food operators who do not adhere to regulations or comply with food hygiene and food safety requirements.

Food operators found guilty of violating food hygiene and safety rules can be fined up to $5,000, with the fine increasing by $100 every day if the operator continues to violate safe practices after its conviction.

Members of the public who come across poor hygiene practices in food establishments should provide feedback to SFA via its online feedback form or call its contact centre on 6805-2871.