'Liverpool manager scolded S'pore fans with vulgarity': Stomper says Klopp not professional

Submitted by Stomper Wei Sien

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A Singapore fan said that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was not professional for using the F-word with a supporter outside the Ritz Carlton hotel.

Stomper Wei Sien shared a photo of the encounter taken on July 31 at 9.18pm. This was before Liverpool's 3-4 loss to Bayern Munich at the National Stadium on Aug 2.

"This Liverpool manager scolded Singapore fans with vulgarity. This is not professional," said the Stomper, who added that Klopp should be more disciplined with his conduct in public.

A video of the incident posted by TikTok user mathewatics has since gone viral with over 680,000 views.

The TikToker described it as his "first ever interaction with Jurgen Klopp".

In the eight-second video, the German can be seen walking from the Liverpool bus towards a group of fans waving for his attention.

He can be heard saying: “Very quick yeah, I don’t have the time actually.”

After taking a pen from a fan who held up a jersey for him to sign, Klopp said: “And you have to hold the f***ing shirt properly.”

“Oh sorry, sorry, Klopp, sorry, Klopp,” a voice said.

In the caption, the TikToker wrote: "Hahahahaah, I'm never going to forget this."

One netizen commented: "People judge him just by one video. He literally came to us and gave us time even when security kept chasing us away."

Another said: "Imagine what he would tell you when you play for him and can’t score a goal."

The entire Reds squad left Singapore just hours after the Bayern Munich match.