'Liquor joint' at Yishun block? Pub has only cafe licence but sells alcohol, HDB investigating: MP

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Is it a cafe or a pub?

HDB is investigating "what was clearly a liquor joint" in a Yishun residential estate when it has only a cafe licence.

Nee Soon GRC MP Derrick Goh Soon Hee posted on Facebook on Tuesday (Aug 15) that he heard "rumblings" of a pub called Hood Vibes at Block 468A Meadow Spring at Yishun Street 43.

"I did not believe that such a licence would be granted and hence decided to personally check this out," he said.

"Last Saturday, I visited the unit accompanied by the Resident’s Network Chair Farhan along with HDB officers from the Commercial department and Yishun Branch.

"We entered the unit and was surprised to indeed see a pub set-up. Beer and hard liquor were available for sale, and there were patrons most of whom I did not recognise as Nee Soon Link residents.

"I did not get to see the owner known as a Ms Poh, but instead met Praveen and Vinod who said that they were operators of the place.

"HDB had clarified that a cafe licence was granted and were also surprised to see what was clearly a liquor joint. HDB assured me that they are investigating into the potential breach of licensing conditions.

"I hope residents of Meadow Spring are assured that HDB are looking into this matter and will do its part to prevent dis-amenities, and mitigate disturbance to the peace and safety of our neighbourhood."

Residents have complained of noise and smoking in the area.

One commented on the post that the "pub" opened after an ice cream shop shut down, adding: "People were loitering around the carpark and lift area, smoking and talking loudly till late at night on weekends.

"I have to ask my children to walk faster when we have no choice but still need to walk past smokers at the sheltered area towards our lift."

The owner of Hood Vibes told Shin Min Daily News that she has a licence to sell alcohol.

"The MP's post is misleading, and the customers who were photographed in the photo were not happy about it being posted online," she said, adding that she would be meeting with authorities to discuss the matter on Monday.

She said that her establishment was not a pub as there was no loud music playing and the business hours are from 11am to 10pm.

"All of us have gone home after 10 o'clock in the evening. What the residents heard might be from the neighbours."

In response to complaints about customers gathering and staying outside the "pub", she emphasised that there are no seats outside and the noise is definitely not from her place.

"We are just a very simple cafe, otherwise it would not be open from the morning. We sell pasta, chicken chop, sushi, et cetera,” she said.