Yishun resident calls police 3 nights in a row over people talking loudly downstairs at his block

Submitted by Stomper Joshua

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Living right over an HDB coffee shop can be convenient when you are hungry, but it can also have its drawbacks.

Especially if your block is only four storeys high. So even if you live on the top floor, you still may not be able to escape the noise.

Block 156 at Yishun Street 11 is one such block.

A resident living there called the police three nights in a row over people talking loudly downstairs at his block.

"Patrons of the coffee shop deliberately talked loudly and shouted at me to complain to the authorities for years at 11pm," said Stomper Joshua, who shared a video taken on Saturday (March 11) showing people in the coffee shop as well as at a nearby outdoor table and a badminton court.

"If you look carefully, an old man was drinking beer after 10.30pm outside the coffee shop area and apparently, another young group was doing the same thing at the badminton court," said the Stomper.

"This time was the worst as I called police almost every few hours for three days in a row."

Stomp understands that the police is monitoring the situation.

This is the third time in two months Stomp has reported about residents calling the police over people making noise at a HDB coffee shop on a nightly basis.

Last week, Stomp reported that a Tampines resident called the police over youngsters playing with a lato-lato toy or clackers after 11pm.

Last month, Stomp reported that a Marsiling couple called the police over groups of people acting "like hooligans" after 9pm.