Lexus driver jams on brakes along expressway: Video from husband shows her trying to avoid collision with taxi ahead

Submitted by Stomper KK

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The husband of a Lexus driver who was accused of jamming the brakes which led to a collision said that she had only done so to avoid a collision with a taxi ahead. 

Stomper KK who was in the vehicle while his wife was driving, sent Stomp a video recording from the vehicle’s dashboard camera. 

In the video, a TransCab taxi SHB7993H could be seen slowing down suddenly, prompting KK’s wife to jam on her brakes in order to avoid a collision. 

According to KK, the timing on the video is inaccurate, and the event actually took place at around 3.02pm on Aug 30. 

Moments after KK's wife slowed the vehicle down, a Mitsubishi Lancer at the bark collided into KK’s vehicle, which caused the Lexus to surge forward, before coming to a stop.

KK hoped that the new evidence can clear up the air and prove his wife’s innocence. 

Said KK:

“We did not intend to jam on our brakes.

“The taxi in front slowed down so we had to do so to avoid a collision. 

“We slowed our car down, almost coming to a stop before getting hit in the back by the Lancer.”

Kk added that he did not think the taxi driver jammed on his brakes deliberately either, saying that there was a long line of vehicles ahead which could have led to a miscalculation.