Lexus driver suddenly jams on brakes on expressway, causing motorist to crash into the car's rear

A Lexus driver jammed on the brakes abruptly on the expressway, causing a vehicle to crash into the car's rear.

According to the timestamp of a video of what happened posted on All Singapore Stuff, the accident took place on Aug 30 at 3.02pm.

In the video, the driver who recorded what happened can first be seen travelling on the right-most lane of the expressway. The white Lexus was several metres in front. 

At around the 15-second mark of the video, the Lexus driver suddenly jammed on the car's brakes.

The motorist behind could stop his or her vehicle in time, and crashed into the rear of the Lexus.

Following the collision, the Lexus driver accelerated the car for a brief period of time, before stopping the car further down the expressway.

It is unclear what happened thereafter.

The road looked relatively clear when the video was taken, which raises questions about why the Lexus driver suddenly slowed down.

Some netizens however, have also asked whether the motorist who recorded what happened should have kept a safer distance from the car that he or she hit.