Lecturer pays for yacht, kid's swimming lessons and house, says no money for parents

A male lecturer told his parents that he had no money left for them after paying for his private yacht, swimming lessons for his kids, and housing loans.

The outrageous remark prompted the elderly couple to approach the Community Mediation Centre (CMC) for help.

A 73-year-old counsellor who has been helping out at the centre since 19 years ago, told reporters that the centre often deals with cases of neighbourly disputes, but would also step in if family members are unable to reach a consensus. 

He recalled the elderly father who came to him asking for help.

He told Lianhe Wanbao:

“The elderly couple could not support themselves financially, and needed allowances from their children.”

With help from the centre, the elderly man finally got all of his children down for a formal talk about his situation. 

According to the counsellor, their eldest son who professed to be a lecturer, told everyone straight off the bat that he was in a financially difficult position. 

The counsellor added:

“He (the son) said he needed to pay for his yacht, swimming lessons for his child, as well as housing loans.

“Hence he wasn’t able to afford allowances for his parents. “

After discussing with the centre, the man finally agreed to give his father S$200 monthly, with his siblings topping the amount up to S$1,600.

The children then signed a reconciliation agreement, and the matter was put to rest. 

The counsellor revealed that the incident made him realise that some children can turn a blind eye to their parent’s hardships.

He concluded, saying:

“Before leaving, the elderly man thanked me, with tears in his eyes.

“I truly felt the significance of what I do.”