Chinese man brutally cracks mother's skull open with brick -- because he didn't want to support her

A 46-year-old Chinese man viciously beat his 72-year-old mother to death with a brick on Mar 7, 2017 at around 3am -- because he was unwilling to support her financially. 

The murder took place in their Fuyang home. located on the province of Anhui, China. 

The victim suffered a fracture on her skull and died on the spot, and the accused was allegedly drunk when the attack was carried out, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

After the incident, he reportedly told police that he had killed his mother so he needn’t need to support her financially anymore.

He also claimed that by doing so, he would be free to get a job of his own. 

The mother and son had gotten into a dispute after the accused got drunk.

During the process, the inebriated son grabbed a piece of brick lying around in the house, and swung it at his mother’s head, fracturing her skull and causing brain damage.

She died on the spot.

The accused turned himself in to his sister after realising that he had killed his mother, and his sister immediately called the police, who swiftly arrested him.

The deceased had two sons, but due to financial constraints, the brothers had taken to court to name this mother the legal responsibility of the other.

The court ultimately decided that the responsibility would be the accused’s. 

The accused’s wife and children have been working form abroad, leaving him the sole caregiver in the house, with his mother.

Unfortunately, he was also a alcoholic, and the burden of having to look after his mother, combined with their constant quarrels drove the accused to physically abuse his mother frequently. 

The accused has been detained by the police and the case is currently under investigation.