Law firm that called customer 'retarded' now calls another client 'dogs**t'

Submitted by Stomper Terry

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Vexus Law reached out to Stomp and the Stomper saying that the incident arose from a misunderstanding. Read the full story here.

Original article:

A law firm that went viral for the wrong reasons last year after insulting a customer and calling her "retarded" has struck again.

According to Stomper Terry, the law firm, Vexus Law, has apparently made no efforts to improve its reputation or service standards.

On May 26, Terry sent a message to the law firm enquiring about applying for a deed poll.

A deed poll is a legal document drafted by a lawyer and executed by an individual who intends to change his or her name.

Following the instructions on the firm's website, Terry sent a message including his name and preferred date and time for an appointment.

The example provided on Vexus Law's website.

Four days passed and he received no reply from Vexus Law.

He then messaged them again on May 30.

Thinking it was a computer system that might not register his interest if the format was slightly wrong, he copied and pasted the example that was on the website with his personal details.

"Due to my forgetfulness, I forgot to change the date," Terry said.

"I sent it again this time with the corrected time."

After waiting several hours, Terry asked if his appointment was confirmed.

"Fumed to see the number of times he 'last read' me, I sent him a text, 'your service is pathetic' because he did not seem interested in providing his service," said Terry.

That is when the Stomper finally received a response, albeit a scathing one:

"It's pathetic because I'm not interested in entertaining stupid low IQ roti prata flip flop idiots who give me multiples [sic] dates.

"I don't need to earn $50 from dogs**t like you go find someone else."

Terry described the experience as a lesson to be learned.

He had chosen to go ahead with Vexus Law because of their affordable legal services, something the firm itself prides itself on providing.

"Before engaging their services, I did search for reviews about them and an article from Stomp came up," said Terry, referring to Stomp's earlier report.

"However, I did not read too much into it and thought I would give the firm a chance.

"This is a wake-up call for me to start reading more reviews before engaging any services.

"Readers, please be warned before engaging them for any services."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman of the Law Society of Singapore said:

"Singapore lawyers pride themselves on communicating honestly and courteously with their clients and potential clients.  

"Under the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct Rules) 2015, a lawyer should behave in a manner befitting the lawyer’s professional standing when dealing with members of public.  

"The Law Society does its part to ensure that such high standards continue to be maintained.

"The Law Society does not generally comment on specific allegations made on the Internet.  

"The Law Society is unable to verify, at this juncture, whether the allegation involved in this case is true.  

"As far as the Law Society is aware, the person who made the allegation has not made any complaint to the Law Society."