Lalamove customer loses time and money due to vehicle being too small for items to be delivered

Submitted by Stomper CT

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A Lalamove customer booked a vehicle to deliver some items, but when the vehicle arrived, it turned out to be the wrong size.

As a result, Stomper CT said he lost time and money.

He had booked Lalamove to pick up and send workers and items at four locations on Dec 4.

The Stomper, who is in the construction business, had messaged the dimensions of the items to the Lalamove driver.

"However, upon reaching the destination at 8am, the driver said he could not fulfill the order because the items were too big and left," recounted the Stomper.

The three items were 6m long.

"We had to rebook another Lalamove vehicle urgently to ensure we can fulfill the job. Hence, we were late and we could not complete our work.

"We had to separately send our man to complete another job by flagging a cab."

The Stomper had expected to pay $77.50 to Lalamove but ended up paying $107.50 for the larger vehicle plus another $22.66 for the taxi.

"I demand a full refund because I lost more than two hours and money due to the driver's and Lalamove’s negligence," said the Stomper, who has contacted Lalamove to no avail.

"So the issue lies here: If the driver cannot perform the job after reading my messages, he can inform me or call me. I have indicated the dimensions clearly in the message."

The Stomper added: "I strongly and firmly disagreed to pay for their mistakes, which is hefty for me. I come from low-income family."

In response to a Stomp query, a Lalamove spokesperson said: "Lalamove is aware of this situation and upon further investigation found that there was a misunderstanding around the size capacity of our delivery vehicles and the measurement of materials that needed to be transported.

"Moving forward, Lalamove continues to strive to provide professional and affordable delivery services for everyone, and will also remind driver-partners to check on item sizes and measurements before accepting an order."