Kudos to anonymous hero of Blk 374 Tampines St 34 for taking care of sick stray cat

Submitted by Stomper Shriniket

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Stomper Shriniket was heartened to see a stray cat in a box under his block with a note informing others not to disturb it.

The notice read:

"Please do not remove the stray cat.

"It is sick and has been brought to the vet.

"We are feeding it, giving it medicine and cleaning it.

"Any feeders, meet us at 4pm and/or 10pm."

Shriniket was touched that someone had gone out of their way to provide food, water and shelter for the stray.

The Stomper added that this is not the first time this anonymous neighbour has done good for animals in the area.

"A few years ago, the same person found a missing cat and returned it to the owner and even refused the reward."

The world could do with more people like this.