Animal welfare group finds over 100 mice and 23 rabbits in Tampines flat

Submitted by Stomper Anita

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Animal welfare groups are prepared to make shocking finds. After all, they look into cases of neglect and abuse all the time.

However, even all their experience could not have prepared the members of three animal welfare groups for what they would find in a flat in Tampines.

The president of one of the groups called Voices For Animals (VFA), Derrick Tan, posted on Facebook that there were over 100 mice and 23 rabbits inside the flat, occupied by an elderly mother and son.

Neighbours had reported the issue to town council, who had sought the assistance of VFA, House Rabbits Society and Bunny Wonderland (BW).

Tan said in his post that the duo had started with three mice, which had multiplied to over 100 over the years.

Despite the combined efforts of all the groups, they were unable to round up all the mice  and rabbits as the animals could easily avoid them.

This forced the groups to call pest control to step in, However, as the rabbits and mice are not pests, but the result of negligence, the groups are putting them up for adoption.

Twelve rabbits are being cared for by HRSS, nine are with BW and the mice are being looked after by VFA.

The groups have made posts urgently requesting for adopters and donors to support the animals' food, medical and sterilisation care.