Animal welfare group appeals for help after finding kitten with fractured spine at Yishun

A kitten was found with a fractured spine at Block 161 Yishun Street 11 on Apr 28 by a passer-by.

The passer-by had found it hiding in a drain and mewing.

After she managed to get the kitten out, she passed it to a cat feeder who noticed that the kitten had not been sterilised.

The cat feeder then contacted someone in Yishun 326 Tabby cat's network to send it to a vet for sterilisation.

At that point, members of the animal welfare group had not realised that the poor kitten's spine was injured.

It was only when a vet examined the kitten that she noticed that it was not walking normally.

After getting X-rays done, they discovered that it had a fractured spine.

The group named the kitten Mew Mew and believe it is only around seven months old.

They wrote on their Facebook page:

"Please help us to help Mew Mew by donating for her surgery and sharing it with as many people as you can. 

"Currently our outstanding bills already reached $32,000 and with Mew Mew's it's going to bring it up to $37,000"

If you would like to help the group help Mew Mew with any amount, please transfer to POSB savings 110-29783-1 and PM them with the following:

1. Your name_mewmew
2. Amount donated
3. Date of transaction

Check out their post for more details.