Kudos to 2 police officers for helping PMA rider across busy road at Nicoll Drive

Submitted by Stomper Chan

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Singapore's world-class police force is known not only for their hard work and efficiency, but also for their compassion towards the community.

Stomper Chan was touched to see two police officers helping a man on a Personal Mobility Aid (PMA) to go across the road along Nicoll Drive on Saturday afternoon (May 16).

Chan said: "I was exercising when I saw this at around 3.20pm. The situation happened at Nicoll Drive near Changi Beach Park.

"A man was struggling to cross the road on his PMA at a junction. The traffic was quite heavy at that time.

"A traffic police officer stopped his motorcycle by the roadside and approached the man.

"He stopped the traffic and started pushing the man across the road.

"After a few minutes, a police officer who was driving a police car parked his vehicle by the roadside and tried to help too.

"I'm sharing this story to thank both police officers for helping the man. It's also to thank the several kind drivers who flashed their hazard lights to warn other drivers to slow down."

Well done, everyone!

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