Koufu vendor tells diner that 'bloody red' chicken drumstick is 'normal', SFA says otherwise

Submitted by Stomper Leong

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Is cooked chicken supposed to be this pinkish colour?

According to a Koufu stallholder at Le Quest Mall, yes. However, that is wrong.

Stomper Leong said she and her husband dined at the Bukit Batok food court on Dec 29, at around 6.28pm.

She recounted: "My hubby bought this $5.80 caifan from the economy rice stall. The curry chicken drumstick was bloody red.

"He approached the caifan auntie to request changing to another drumstick, but she told him that the colour was normal and that all chicken is this colour.

"I was pretty upset with the auntie's response. I thought she could have acted more responsibly instead of downplaying the matter and brushing my hubby aside. She acted as if this wasn't the first time she had encountered this.

"Someone could fall sick from eating food that is not handled and cooked properly. I Googled the stall and realised there were many poor reviews.

"Will you eat this or get something else?"

Leong said her husband did not touch the chicken at all, adding: "We left Koufu as there were not many offerings. The stalls there have seen better days. Many have shuttered in the past year."

Asked if she would return to the stall, Leong told Stomp: "Definitely no! Will you?"

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) advises good safety practices such as cooking food thoroughly to kill all harmful bacteria and prevent foodborne diseases.

"Meat that is pink is not thoroughly cooked," states SFA's website.