Kind stranger secretly pays for family's meal at Al-Azhar Restaurant

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It's important to be kind, more so than ever in the current coronavirus pandemic.

A random stranger brought smiles to a family when she secretly paid for their meal at Al-Azhar Restaurant in Bukit Timah on Friday night (Mar 13).

Facebook user Nannie Asniar recounted the incident in a heartwarming post that has since garnered more than 2,100 likes and 1,600 shares.

According to Nannie, she and her children had gone ahead with their dinner after being dropped off at the restaurant by her husband while he went to look for a parking lot.

Nannie said: "While eating, I saw a Chinese lady who was seating alone next to our table smiling while looking at the girls eat."

However, Nannie did not think much of it as it was a "normal sight" for her.

She added: "The moment she stood up after finishing her dinner, I somehow noticed that she tried to peek at our table number. Once again I didn't think much cos I was busy attending to the girls eating.

"The surprise part came when my husband reached our table and was about to sit one of the waiters came over and passed to us the receipt saying that our dinner was already paid for.

"Though I'm not sure who but I have a strong feeling it was that Chinese lady who did that."

Since Nannie did not manage to thank the woman personally, she hopes to reach out to her through social media.

Nannie said: "She definitely brought smiles to our faces and we will definitely bring this forward to the next family, all because of this positive vibe she has brought to our family."

Calling for netizens to share Nannie's post, her husband also expressed his gratitude to the kind soul and said: "I may not know who you are but I am thankful to have come across such a good person like you. May God bless you and keep the virus away from you."

Netizens have reacted positively to Nannie's post, with a few suggesting what might have inspired the woman's kind deed.

One commented: "The lady must have thought you're alone with 3 kids and wanted to give you a little treat! So nice of her! Thanks for spreading this kindness!"

Another said: "I'm sure she just wanted to say you're doing a great job, mama. A very sweet and thoughtful gesture of the kind lady."