Cyclist goes extra mile to return cash dropped by another cyclist during overnight ride

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A cyclist in the midst of an overnight bike ride realised he had dropped a plastic bag containing cash along his route on May 19.

Fortunately, a kind fellow cyclist returned the money to him.

Facebook user Joseph Kok shared the uplifting incident in the SG PCN Cyclist group.

He wrote that he always has a small plastic bag on him, containing cash and his wife and daughter's contact numbers whenever he embarks on a solo overnight bike ride.

The cash is for buying drinks or snacks and the numbers are for emergency purposes.

"After reaching about 120km of my targeted 150km ride, I went to the JTC building along West Camp Road to buy a drink from the vending machine," he said.

"And I discovered that I have lost the plastic bag somehow and somewhere."

Prior to that stop, he had only stopped at Punggol Barat Lane to rest for a few minutes.

"So, when I circled back there, I tried to see if I happened to drop it there when I was resting," he said.

"Nope, can't find it.

"So, I just accepted that I have lost the money totally.

"To my surprise, a fellow cyclist contacted my wife and told her that he found my plastic bag along the blue lane of West Camp Road and he wanted to return what he found to me.

"After chatting with him a little via WhatsApp, I asked if he can just transfer the money to me electronically as it is easier for both parties.

"And he did it immediately.

"I am so thankful for this brother who took time to contact my wife after he found my plastic bag.

"By the way, he has the same Christian name as I have.

"(If you are also a member of this group and read this post, thank you again.)"