Kind soul travels all the way from Hougang to Jurong East to return NSF's wallet

Submitted by Stomper Tong

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A family was touched by the kindness and empathy of a Good Samaritan who travelled all the way to their home at Jurong West Street 64 to return a wallet.

Stomper Tong said her son had lost his wallet somewhere in Hougang.

They were surprised when a man showed up on their doorstep at around midnight on Saturday (Apr 23) to return the item.

Tong said: "Our family would like to express our gratitude to a kind gentleman who found my son's lost wallet and came all the way from Hougang around midnight to return it.

"As my son is still serving National Service, the gentleman understood the consequences of losing the SAF credentials as he is also from the military unit. It's hard to come across such a empathetic person!

"Last but not least, a sincere thanks to the kind gentleman! We wish him and his family good health and happiness!"