Kind motorist and heroic TP Station Inspector give stranded biker a memorable Hari Raya

Update on June 28:

Stomp got in touch with Muhammad Fithri‎ for an exclusive interview, during which we presented him with a Goody Bag for his kind deed.

In response to queries by Stomp, the Singapore Police Force has also identified the officer as Station Inspector (SI) Tan Keng Yeow from the Traffic Police Patrol unit.

Read the full update here.

Original article:

A scooter rider was on his way home on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) yesterday evening (June 23) at around 6.30pm when he came across a Malaysian motorcyclist who had bike trouble.

Facebook user ‎Muhammad Fithri‎ shared how he saw the biker, whose throttle cable was broken, stranded by the road shoulder after the Bukit Batok East exit and trying to start his vehicle.

In a post on the Singapore Police Force's  Facebook page, Fithri‎ wrote:

"As another rider, it is quite sad to see him stranded by the road shoulder as Hari Raya is coming this weekend, and he is on his way home to JB from his workplace at Changi.

"I rendered my assistance to bring him over to the nearest workshop around that area to buy the parts. We got back to his bike and started fixing his cable, I decided [to] company him as [I was] afraid he might not able to converse in English.

"Shortly saw an expressway patrol car (QX889A) slowed down and stopped behind us. A station inspector greeted [us] with a smile, asking whether everything was all right, and if we needed any EMAS towing.

"Soon after, another patrol car that arrived at the scene tried to assist us both in the situation. As it was about 7.14pm, the 2nd car's officers reminded me to break fast first and left as they needed to attend a case.

"The station inspector stayed with us throughout till the skies were quite dark. He told me that at least the blinkers, which are on the police car, will warn away the rest of the motorists in case they crashed into both of us bikers.

"Such a simple care and gesture [of] using his patrol car to protect us from the rear in case of any mishaps.

"Finally as the rider completed fixing his cable, he escorted us out back to the expressway safely as traffic was quite heavy."

Fithri‎ commended the Traffic Police's Station Inspector, whom he hailed a helpful hero.

He also asked if anyone could identify the officer, whose name he did not manage to take down.

When contacted by Stomp, Fithri‎ shared more photos of the incident and recounted how he, too, had been caught in a predicament similar to the biker not long ago (Photos #8 to #10 in gallery).

He told Stomp, "I just lent him a helpful hand as as I myself once landed in his current situation.

"Two weeks ago on June 2 at around 3am, my scooter's rear tyre was punctured in Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru while I was coming back to Singapore.

"Some bikers in JB popped by to offer help, but did not have the tools.

"One of them saw their highway patrol on the opposite side of the road, so they made a U-turn and called him to attend to me.

"Hence, I can feel the tension of being a foreigner stuck in some country with no help.

"This latest incident is a form of saying thank you to the random Malaysian counterparts who helped me."

Stomp has also reached out to the Police for more information.