Kind foreign worker stops to help uncle pick up cardboard that fell off his trolley

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Stomper was touched by the kind-hearted gesture of a foreign worker who stopped work to help an uncle whose load of cardboard had fallen onto the road at the junction of Tanglin Halt Road and Commonwealth Drive last Friday (Oct 26).

The Stomper took a video of the moment at about 11.30am and shared it with Stomp via Facebook.

"He was helping the uncle who had collected a stack of cardboard," the Stomper said.

(Story continues after video)

In the video, the man is seen patiently bending down to pick up the fallen items and loading them onto the elderly man's trolley.

He gestures at his co-workers to give him some time to help the uncle before going back to work.

Just goes to show that you are never too busy to help someone in need.