Kaplan student, 25, killed after getting hit by car in JB: He was selfless and well-loved by friends

Update on Sep 1:

Malaysia's Health Ministry has denied that there was a delay in attending to the accident and in treatment for Justinian Tan over payment.

Read the full update here.

[Updated with more details: Singaporean man, 25, dies after car hits him and friend from behind in JB]

The 25-year-old Singaporean man who died following an accident in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, was described as a respectful and selfless person who was well-loved by friends.

Justinian Tan was critically injured in an accident at around 3am on Aug 25 in Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, after a car hit him and another friend from behind.

The victim and five other friends, including Stomper Joshua, had been having supper in JB and were about to leave in a car when the tragedy happened.

Stomper Joshua shared details of the accident with Stomp and said that Justinian was pronounced brain dead on Aug 28 and taken off life support today morning (Aug 30).

Another victim, Brandon Yeo, who was also hit by the car, has since been discharged and is in a stable condition.

Stomp attended Justinian's memorial service earlier today at Block 323 Serangoon Avenue 3 and spoke to his older sister, Jaslene.

She said that Justinian, a business student at Kaplan and an aspiring accountant, was the third child of four siblings. Besides Jaslene, the victim also had an older brother and a younger sister.

According to Jaslene, she only found out about her brother's accident when she received a call from their mother at around 7am on Friday.

"My mother is the main caregiver of my two-year-old daughter and that morning, she called me and told me to take urgent leave because she had to go to Malaysia to see my brother.

"She only told me that my brother was involved in a car accident but I had no idea it was so serious. I thought they were just going in to tow the car back.

"She later said that Justinian was in a coma and when I heard that, I was very scared."

Jaslene also told Stomp that her brother was flung 15 to 20 metres after getting hit by the car and suffered the majority of his injuries on his left side.

The last time the two siblings saw each other was on Thursday (Aug 24) night, when the family had dinner. Little did Jaslene know that it would be the final time she would ever speak to her brother.

She described Justinian as an avid gamer who was "very, very well-loved by his friends."

"Hundreds and hundreds of people came to the hospital, even his teachers, lecturers and vice-principal," she added.

"He always helped as many people as he could. I know he was very close with his group of friends so whenever one of them needed help, he would definitely go straight to their aid, without claiming any credit or complaining about anything.

"I spend quite a lot of time with Justinian. Whenever he wasn't in school, he would be at home, playing his computer games and looking after my daughter.

"He was a very loving and respectful brother and son. Whatever we asked him to do, he would do it willingly.

"So even if he was very tired or if he was sleeping, but I asked if he could please send me home, he would say, 'Sure, let's go'.

'And then he would just jump out of bed and come to get me."

In response to media queries by Stomp, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said: "We are saddened by the unfortunate passing of Justinian Tan.

"The Singapore Consulate-General in Johor Bahru had rendered consular assistance to the Singaporeans involved, including assisting with the arrangements to transfer the injured Singaporeans back to Singapore."