Friends pay tribute to S'porean man who got hit by car in JB, Stomp attends his funeral


Malaysia's Health Ministry has denied that there was a delay in attending to the accident and in treatment for Justinian Tan over payment.

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Original article:

The 25-year-old Singaporean man who was killed following an accident in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, was cremated at Mandai Crematorium today (Sep 1).

Justinian Tan and Brandon Yeo, who were part of a group consisting of four other friends, were struck from behind by a Malaysian-registered car at around 3am on Aug 25.

Brandon survived the accident but Justinian was pronounced brain dead on Aug 28 at around 5.56pm. His parents took him off life support on Aug 30 at about 12.30am.

Stomp attended Justinian's wake at Block 323 Serangoon Avenue 3 on Wednesday evening and his funeral service today.

Family, as well as friends, described the deceased as a selfless and loving person who would always go out of the way to help someone.

He took on part-time jobs -- from waitering to being an Uber driver -- while pursuing an accounting course at Kaplan, in hopes of relieving his family's financial burden.

Friends have been posting tributes on Justinian's Facebook page.

One wrote, "It is certain that you have touched the hearts of many. And you will never be forgotten. In our hearts you will stay. I take comfort to know you are now in a better place."

Another said, "I'm glad to have crossed, and walked, the same path as and with you in this lifetime. You've never failed to be a reliable shoulder to lean on, and even in your passing, you still taught me valuable lessons in life. I'll treasure the memories we had, and thanks for teaching me to treasure the future even more."

An investigation has been launched to look into the claims that Justinian died after a "payment-before-treatment demand" from a hospital in JB.