Kallang Bahru residents troubled by auntie who allegedly throws soapy water at 'noisy' neighbours

Residents of Block 66 Kallang Bahru are troubled by the strange behaviour of a woman living on the 4th floor, who allegedly throws soapy water at noisy’ neighbours passing by her unit.

The incidents have been happening for the past five to six years, and some residents claimed that the woman also attacked them with a broom. 

Mr Chen Qizhi, 73, who lives on the same floor told Lianhe Wanbao that the woman in her 40s has always behaved strangely. 

Each time she feels that someone passing by her flat is talking too loudly, she would ‘retaliate’ by throwing soapy water at them or hitting them with a broomstick. 

Residents from the 13 households on the same level would have to mute their dialogues each time they passed by her unit. 

Mr Chen recalled an incident on Jan 21.

He and his wife were prepping to go out for a meal at around 5pm.

As the two were passing by the woman’s flat, he asked his wife:

“What would you like to eat?”

Before he could even finish his sentence, the woman splashed soapy water at the two of them from her unit’s window, and told them ‘not to be noisy’. 

The couple, angered by the woman’s actions, called the police immediately. 

In response to media queries, the police have confirmed that a report was lodged, and officers were dispatched to mediate the situation. 

Mr Chen revealed that he has lived here for 16 years, and has been neighbours with the woman for more than 10 years.

He said that the woman had been normal for the first few years, but her temperament underwent a drastic change in the last five to six years, bordering on hysteria. 

Another neighbour on the same floor, Madam Chen, 40, said that she had moved in for just over a year, but had been harassed by the woman on multiple occasions.

She said:

“There was once I brought my nephew back to my home to play. He was rather loud when he passed by her house, and she immediately threw soapy water at us.

“This is ridiculous.”

Mr Lin Hong Nan, 42, said that he has witnessed neighbours’ children getting beaten with a broom or umbrella by the woman for being ‘too noisy’. 

Asked how he copes with living with the bizarre behaviour of his neighbour, Mr Lin replied:

“I won’t pick a fight with anyone. If I do, others won’t be able to tell who’s the problematic one.”