Toa Payoh couple who scares residents with 'irregular behaviour' allegedly attacks neighbour

The elderly couple who raised concerns among residents in Block 55, Toa Payoh Lorong 5, with their ‘irregular behaviour’ has come under the spotlight again, after the woman allegedly assaulted a neighbour with a pail during a dispute.

The incident happened on Sunday (Jan 7), and the neighbour, 78, suffered bruises on her left arm from the attack, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

The woman’s husband was also embroiled in the dispute, saying that the neighbour had falsely accused them. 

It was earlier reported that the woman’s daily scrubbing sessions with salt water, vinegar, and baking powder had corroded a segment of the corridors and her unit's metal gates. 

The woman told grassroots leaders who visited her house that she had to scrub the place to ‘get rid of spirits.’

Neighbours also reported hearing her shout every morning for the past two months. 

The couple, in their 70s, has been staying in the unit for about 10 years. 

After news of the couple’s bizarre antics broke, the two confronted their next-door neighbours, accusing them of slander. 

The two poured oil at the neighbours’ door.

When a neighbour saw what was happening, she opened her gates to confront the woman. 

She said: "The woman’s husband started scolding me and said he wanted to beat me and my husband up for slander."

Suddenly, the woman took a pail and swung it towards the neighbour.

The latter blocked the blow with her arm and reached for her husband crutches in self-defence.

Seeing that she was ready to defend herself, the couple left.

The neighbour then called the police, and officers were dispatched to mediate the situation. 

Asked if she has considered moving away, the neighbour lamented: "Both me and my husband are so old already. We have no more strength to move."

She also revealed that before she moved in, the other next-door neighbour had a female tenant who moved out as they could not tolerate the couple.