Jurong West man shocked to find his GrabFood order on floor next to his slippers

Submitted by Stomper X-Customer

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Food where? Next to the footwear.

A man was shocked that his Subway meal was left by GrabFood delivery on the floor next to his slippers outside his Jurong West Street 75 flat on Monday (Aug 29).

Stomper X-Customer asked: "GrabFood or dog food?"

He had ordered the Meat Marinara Melt foot-long sub with a cookie and a drink for $17.40 using the Grab app.

The Stomper said: "Clear instruction was given during ordering that the food should be placed on the table outside my unit.

"Shockingly, the food and drink were placed on the floor beside my footwear – a clear food safety violation."

He shared a photo showing the Subway meal outside the gate next to a pair of black slippers.

In response to a Stomp query, a Grab spokesman said: "At Grab, safety and quality are our top priorities.

"We view this incident as the improper handling of food, and have previously emphasised the importance of food hygiene to our delivery-partners, including not leaving food at a customer's doorstep or on the floor.

"The Grab user has since been refunded and we endeavour to educate our delivery-partners on food hygiene best practices.

"Further action will be taken against delivery-partners who are found to repeatedly breach food handling best practices."