GrabFood rider delivers meal to wrong address but when customer finally gets it, it's not what she ordered

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A Stomper did not expect to find herself caught in a series of unfortunate events when she ordered dinner via GrabFood but that is what happened.

She shared with Stomp that she had ordered a late dinner from Subway for herself and her colleagues when they were on their night shift on Aug 24 at about 10pm.

She paid a total of $55.60 for the order.

When she met with the delivery rider, he proceeded to pass her a small carrier with a cake inside.

"I informed him that I had ordered Subway and asked him why he was giving me this cake," she said.

"He couldn't believe me at first until I kept insisting my order was from Subway.

"After checking his phone, he realised he had sent my Subway order to another customer."

The Stomper observed that the rider had failed to do ensure three things when sending food to a customer: Correct food, correct location, and correct customer.

She was shocked that the other customer did not immediately contact Grab upon receiving the wrong order.

The rider told her he would go back to that customer to retrieve her Subway meals.

However, when he finally returned with her order, she realised that the Subway outlet at Kitchener Complex had packed it wrongly.

"They made the wrong sandwich for my colleague, she had ordered a roast beef ($9.80) but was given roast chicken ($8.40).

"Also, I ordered a Subway Melt cookie meal with hot chocolate which I topped up for $1 ($14.10) but received a coke instead (a Subway Melt cookie meal with coke is $13.10).

"My colleague's mushroom soup also tasted sour and could potentially be the reason she felt ill afterward."

On top of all that, their drinks arrived half-spilled.

The Stomper added that there was no way to know if the previous customer had meddled with their food before it finally reached them.

"I've asked for a full refund but Grab refused and only gave me a $10 voucher," she said.

"How can a $10 voucher pay for this series of utterly disappointing events and a roller coaster of emotions?

"My colleagues and I just wanted to simply eat Subway for our night shift but were put through such an unacceptable and atrocious experience."

In an update to Stomp, she said that when she asked Grab to credit the $10 voucher to her credit card they only credited $9.80 which she believes is for the roast beef sandwich her colleague did not get.

"They are not going to pay for the atrocious experience they put my colleagues and me through," she said.

"They are not going to pay for the time wasted for me to go down and collect the food two times when I have to find time away from taking care of my patients.

"They are not going to ask Subway to compensate for the mushroom soup that turned sour.

"They are not going to compensate for the hot chocolate I ordered but was given coke instead or the drinks that were mostly spilled out."