Jurong resident harassed by loan shark who alleges step-daughter of previous owner owes him $20k

Submitted by Stomper L

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Update at 2.45pm:

L told Stomp that he has received a call from Jim, who gave him Ms Lai's alleged residential address. 

Jim apparently tasked L to demand payment from Lai on his behalf.

L said that he contacted the police about Jim's request, and was told not to comply, as Jim was merely using him as a runner.

Sighing, L lamented:

"I don't understand why they just cannot settle the debts."

Original article:

Stomper L who stays in Jurong has been harassed by loan sharks since he moved into his resale flat in August last year.

L told Stomp that last year, runners had hung underwear outside his flat, but he did not realise that it was an act of harassment, until he later received a notice from the police, asking for his assistance in a case of unlicensed money lending. 

The runners also allegedly knocked on his door on two separate occasions, and L’s tenant had answered the door.

To L’s understanding, the runners were looking for two individuals, the previous flat owner, Mr Lee, and another woman with the surname 'Lai'.

On Tuesday (May 15) L discovered yellow paint splashed on his wooden door and metal gates, and a contact number scribbled on a piece of paper.

L promptly lodged a police report and also called the number on the paper. 

He said that a man who identified himself as ‘Jim’ told him that a family member of the previous flat owner had borrowed money but did not pay him back. 

Jim alleged that the debtor, Ms Lai, is the step-daughter of Mr Lee.

Said L:

“I called him (Jim) and told him that the person he was looking for did not live here anymore.

“He then said that Ms Lai owed him $20,000 and that he had helped her many times in the past but she disappeared on him. 

“Jim started swearing and cursing.

“He said that his runners had splashed coffee at the flat one year ago, and Mr Lee had even challenged them to come again.

“That was before I bought the flat."

In a short excerpt which L recorded, Jim could be heard saying in Mandarin:

“I tell you, here’s what you should tell the previous owner.

“Fu** him for blocking my WhatsApp messages and rejecting my calls.

“If he doesn’t resolve this problem, I will still come to your house. 

“We will go to his new address that you have given us, but a lot of people are still going to come to your home. 

“Just be aware.

“You call the owner and you chew him out.”

L called Mr Lee to inform him of the situation at his flat and his conversation with Jim, but the latter allegedly denied having borrowed money.

Mr Lee also claimed that he did not know who Jim or Ms Lai was.

Desperate, L followed up with more messages on Wednesday (May 16) asking Mr Lee to resolve his issues with the loan sharks.

Mr Lee once again denied knowing Ms Lai and did not reply to L’s subsequent messages. 

L lamented:

“Not sure what I can do now. 

"The previous owner still lists my address as his current home address and a lot of his letters and documents are being sent here.

"There was how I got his current address.

"I have already given the loan sharks his new address but Jim said that he and other loan sharks will continue to show up at my unit until the debt is paid.

“I am quite worried about the safety of my family.”

In response to a Stomp query, a police spokesman said:

"The police confirmed that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing."

Stomp understands that this is not the instance of loan shark harassment at the unit.