Jaywalker 'appeared out of nowhere and stared at me like it was my fault', says driver

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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A pedestrian jaywalked across the road in Punggol, then 'stared at' the driver of an oncoming car.

Stomper Lee shared a video of the incident that occurred near Block 312A Sumang Link on Wednesday, at around 10.51am.

Mr Lee recounted: "I was turning in to the shelter when suddenly, this man in sunglasses just appeared out of nowhere to cross the road."

The Stomper said he had to apply his brakes to avoid hitting the man.

He added: "I almost hit the guy and he still had the cheek to turn back and stare at me as if it was my fault.

"He should have seen me turning in and yet he still walked on as if there was a pedestrian crossing.

"Nowadays, many pedestrians do not seem to care about their safety and simply walk into a motorist's path. Sometimes they are blocked by blind spots.

"I hope to share this and create awareness."