Jaywalker has the cheek to give 'death stare' and point middle finger after getting honked at

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Stomper Harry honked at a male pedestrian who jaywalked at the junction of Orchard Road and Mount Elizabeth yesterday (Feb 11) at 11.50am.

In response, the man glared at Harry and even flashed his middle finger, as seen in a video captured by the Stomper's in-car camera.

Harry told Stomp:

"This 'gentleman' crossed the road along Mount Elizabeth without looking at oncoming vehicles heading to Orchard Road.

"We stopped for him and he still gave us a good stare as if he was right.

"Worse still, he gave us a middle finger after we sounded our horn once.

"How on earth do we have such unreasonable people like him?

"The traffic police and LTA should penalise people like him who jaywalk."