Japanese boy repeatedly fails to jump over barrier -- but what his classmates do will warm your heart

A video of a Japanese child who repeatedly fails at jumping over a barrier during what appears to be a gymnastics meet has touched the heart of several netizens.

The boy has to successfully jump over a barrier in front of spectators and his classmates.

Despite his best efforts, he cannot seem to clear the barrier.

Frustrated and disappointed, he starts to tear and wipes away the tears with his arms.

Despite his failed attempts, the cheers and support from his friends never waivers and in fact, get louder with each try.

Just before his fifth attempt, his classmates rally around him for a group huddle and give him that extra push of support.

He finally clears the barrier to cheers of everyone at the event.

Several Facebook commended the supportive culture and reaction of the boy's classmates.

"No jealousy no insecurities or complexes, just everyone supporting their friends. This is amazing I kinda wanna be Japanese right now lol," wrote Quinito V. Villarosa

"They support each other...it is a great quality that the Japanese teach. How often do we see selfishness in society and the work place. Just look at the position they hold in the World and their success...the reason is clear," echoed Alan Oliver.

Keep a packet of tissues within reach and watch the video below.