Jacelyn Tay's son shows he's wise beyond his years with his explanation of unconditional love

Local actress Jacelyn Tay was not prepared for what her son had to say while they were talking about love.

On Wednesday (Nov 24), she posted a selfie of herself with her nine-year-old son Zavier on Instagram and shared the details of their intimate conversation.

In the post, Jacelyn said after Xavier expressed his love for her, she asked him why he loved her.

"I don't know there is no reason," he said.

"Mama, if there is a reason for loving you, then it is conditional.

"If I love you because you are honest, then one day if you are not honest, does it mean that I won't love you anymore?

"No... I still love you."

Jacelyn responded with a "wow" but Zavier was not done.

"Isn't that unconditional love?" he asked.

"If I love you for specific reasons, that is conditional.

"But I love you no matter what, no condition will change my love for you.

"Like you love me no matter how naughty I am, I love you conditionally too."

Needless to say, Jacelyn was not expecting this response and his words made her emotional.

"I wanna cry... really," she said.

"That is so comforting and reassuring, and also a revelation to me about love."

Her post has since garnered over 3,100 likes with netizens commending her son's maturity and cleverness.