Influencer told to snip off eyelash extensions for Malaysian passport photo: 'Then I cut lah'

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November 1, 2022

If there’s one photo you don’t ever want to doll yourself up for, it’s the passport photo. 

Wipe that makeup off, take off your nose studs, and you might even want to remove those eyelash extensions.

Malaysian influencer Maddy Breteche-Lo had to learn all that the hard way when she was forced to cut off her eyelash extensions before taking a photo for her Malaysian passport renewal. 

"This is my makeup," she said in a minute-long TikTok uploaded on Monday (Oct 31) while sporting a clean, minimalist look.

The Malaysian-French actress, who resides in Singapore and Malaysia, said she knew beforehand how “weird” Malaysian immigration officers can be about people having makeup on while taking their passport photos.

But she was nonetheless taken aback when told that her eyelash extensions were too long. 

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Holding a pair of scissors in her hand, she said: "They took one look at my face and they're like, ‘your eyelash extensions are too long’."

It was down to her either snipping it off or coming back another time for the photo. 

“Then I cut lah,” she said, explaining that she had a flight to catch the very next day.  

Even after trimming her lashes, she still could be heard pleading to the officers in Malay: "Cannot cut anymore."

Apparently, that wasn't the end of it. The next issue? Her contact lenses. 

An officer wanted her to remove them, but Breteche-Lo said she would not as her myopic “degree is about 1,200”.

Thankfully, the Customs officers relented with that one. 

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