Hot bod over hot pot: Influencer shares what she has been eating for 5 years to look like this

Malaysian pianist and influencer Cathryn Li has a svelte figure envied by many — but it doesn't come without hard work and determination.

The 33-year-old, who is also known as Malaysia's 'piano goddess', revealed how her diet has been like over the past five years in an Instagram post last month.

Sharing photos of her low-carb meals, Li wrote in the caption: "What do I usually eat? Persistence for five years is no longer persistence, it is a habit."

In response to a netizen who asked what seasoning Li uses, the latter responded: "Just some pepper, lemon, olive oil."

However, reactions to the post have been mixed.

While some fans were in awe of Li's determination and delicious-looking meals, others wondered if she would be full.

One said, "The goddess must often be hungry, right? I can eat three of these pictures in one meal with such portions."

Another commented, "Less joy in life, but (you) created a goddess."

A netizen also asked, "Don't you miss hot pot, don't you want to eat barbecue or cake and dessert?"

Li replied, "I don't like eating sweet stuff. I only eat hot pot occasionally once every two months and barbecue once a year."

Of course, it's not just her diet alone. Li also credits her toned physique to exercise.

Li's Instagram page, where she has a following of 2.5 million, is peppered with photos and videos of her working out at the gym.

In October, she shared a slideshow of her fitness journey from 2014 to 2022 and said: "Everyone starts from somewhere."

Believe it or not, she once had a flabby stomach and thighs.


Fans praised Li for being an inspiration, with some saying that even her old self looked great.

"Her before is my after," one user quipped.

Another commented, "After one year work out, I successfully reach ur “'before'".

Li has always maintained that she does not take weight loss products and emphasised the importance of exercise.

In February, she shared a video of her exercising and wrote: "A lot of people have stolen and used my photos in advertisements for weight loss products. I have never taken any weight loss products, because eating too much of them is not good for health, and I don't go to slimming centres.

"We should not support these unscrupulous businesses who make black-hearted money by cheating money and harming people's health.

"My channel only supports the most traditional and healthy methods of exercising to achieve the best results. Let's work hard together."

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