Netizen calls out S'pore influencer for Photoshop fail that left chair warped

Submitted by Stomper Ok

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It's normal for people to digitally enhance their photos, influencer or not.

But naturally, the pressure to look your best, always carry yourself well and not screw up is even greater when you are a public figure. It seems that if you show off perfectly curated lives online, people expect you to be just as flawless in reality.

From being mocked for their poor English to getting called out for lousy work ethics and finding themselves caught in business disputes, Singapore influencers have had their fair share of controversy.

One local influencer has recently come under the spotlight for a botched Photoshop job on an Instagram picture that was posted on April 21.

Stomper Ok, who spotted the badly edited image, said: "Many influencers like to edit their photos. But you wouldn't expect this super slim influencer with over 170,000 followers to do it so obviously.

"Here's a Photoshop fail that got a bit extreme — the chair leg behind is warping."

Netizens on Instagram appear to have noticed the boo-boo as well.

When contacted by Stomp, the influencer shared the original photo.

While the picture has been edited to give the influencer a smaller waist and curvier hips, the difference is marginal.

The influencer also replied: "If the difference is too huge, feel free to post. You are welcome to my shop to inspect my waist size."

Well, maybe she can take lessons from Singapore photographer Daryl Aiden Yow. Or not.