Indonesian teen suffers severe head injuries after getting hit by train while taking selfie

An Indonesian girl suffered severe head injuries while she and three other friends were taking a group photo near railway tracks in Purworejo, Indonesia, on Wednesday (Dec 6).  

The 16-year-old victim, Ely Hayati had gone on a stroll at the tracks with her friends when they decided to take a ‘welfie’ — a group selfie — with a selfie stick one of the girls brought, reports World of Buzz and Oriental Daily

The group was busy posing for the photo and did not notice a train which was passing behind them.

Ely, who was at the back of the group, was hit and thrown forward by the force of the train, causing her to bang her head on a concrete slab. 

Her friends panicked upon seeing Ely bleeding profusely and quickly ran to look for help.

Nearby residents came and called for an ambulance. 

Ely was brought to a hospital for a surgery to stem the bleeding.

Fortunately, Ely survived the ordeal and is in a stable condition although she is still warded in the intensive care unit (ICU). 

After news of the incident spread online, some netizens have criticised the teenagers’ actions and said they should not have gone so close to the railway. 

Others said that it was fortunate that the victim survived.