Group of men holds down assailant and repeatedly punches him after he tackles one of them at Toa Payoh Central

Submitted by Stomper Neighbour

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Stomper Neighbour was at Toa Payoh Central last Saturday (Feb 18), at around 5pm, when he witnessed some men quarrelling in front of a row of shop houses, who even came to blows later on. 

He quickly took a video of the incident and sent it to Stomp.

In the video, a few men stood outside a handphone shop, and were later joined by two other men -- one in a black T-shirt with white stripes while the other was dressed in shirt.

The man in the black T-shirt with white stripes was seen talking to the group of men while his companion paced about. 

The man in shirt rejoined the group and was seen talking when suddenly another man in black T-shirt tackled him from behind and the two started shoving each other. 

The shoving came to an end when the rest of the group quickly separated the two.

The men also shouted at each other although the content of their exchange could not be ascertained. 

The assailant was quickly subdued by the rest of the group who held him down and brutalised him, continually raining blows on the man. 

A male and female voice could be heard saying: "Call the cops!"

Said Stomper Neighbour:

"I don’t know what triggered the fight, but I heard that one handphone shop’s boss had hired multiple gangsters to pick up another handphone shop’s salesman.

"I’m not sure if that’s true."

Watch the video below.