Impatient driver makes dangerous manoeuvre for illegal u-turn in Clementi

Submitted by Stomper KC

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Stomper KC was driving along Clementi Road when he witnessed a car making an illegal U-turn.

The incident was captured by KC's in-car camera and took place yesterday (Nov 13) at about 6.47pm.

In the video, the car is in the rightmost lane, just in front of the Stomper's vehicle.

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When the traffic light turns red, the car swerves left and overtakes the vehicle in front of it.

It then makes an illegal U-turn and drives off.

KC said: "I have seen many illegal U-turns made at this particular junction.

"I think it may be because the drivers use Google Maps. 

"In Google Maps, I have noticed that as long as there is a clear pathway, it prompts you to make a U-turn."

"The point at which vehicles can make a legal U-turn is about 100 metres ahead from the junction shown in the video," he added.