Hungry otter munches on fish in Swan Lake at Botanic Gardens

Submitted by Stomper Nasreen

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A hungry otter chowing down on his fishy meal attracted the attention of parkgoers at the Singapore Botanic Gardens on Monday morning (Feb 18).

Stomper Nasreen was walking in the park when she came across the otter and its partner frolicking in the famous Swan Lake.

She told Stomp that in her 18 years of visiting the Botanic Gardens, this is the first time she has seen otters there.

She shared videos and photos she took at the lake with her iPhone X.

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"It was awesome," she said.

"Quite a few people gathered around to watch the otters though they seemed quite unaware of the attention they'd caused.

"One of them was eating a fish but refused to share it with its mate.

"The swans were nearby but kept to one side and didn't seem to want to go near the otters.

"It was lovely to see them."