Family of 15 otters venture out for supper in Bishan at 3am

Submitted by Stomper Mya

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Stomper Mya was surprised to find a family of otters roaming around her void deck at Block 223 Bishan Street 23 at about 3am on Tuesday (Feb 12).

She told Stomp she counted 15 of them and shared a video of them scurrying from her block in the direction of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

Her block is situated right next to the park where the Kallang River runs through it.

(Story continues after video)

"They looked very hungry," she said.

"They must have been looking for food."

Mya added that it is not uncommon to see otters in the area as they are often seen near the Kallang River at the park.

"Usually they will hang around in small groups but last night, they formed a bigger group to look for food at the nearby block.

"I also saw very little otters in the group too.

"I think the last few days it was very hot and Bishan Park might have had less fish for them.

"They could have been looking for a cooler place to be."