Huge python has a splashing good time in Kallang River

Submitted by Stomper S Mawla

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Are you always glued to your phone when out and about, or are you one of those who take notice of your surroundings?

Stomper S Mawla keeps an eye out for the inhabitants of Kallang River when on the way to work in the morning in case he encounters interesting.

Today (Dec 30), he spotted a large python swimming in the river at around 7.45am.

The Stomper, who took a video of the animal sighting, said: "I've noticed pythons in the river a few times, but this one was really huge and long at more than four feet.

"It seemed like it was cooling off and enjoying its morning routine.

"We are indeed not far away from the wild.

"It's my habit to see what's happening in the river and there's really a lot of wildlife in there, from big fishes to otters."

Snakes are part of our biodiversity, and members of the public are advised to keep a safe distance and avoid provoking them.

Those who see any wildlife in distress or in need of help can call Acres' 24-hour wildlife rescue team at 9783 7782.

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