Hougang resident hangs bird cages outside parapet with 'thin wire' despite being engaged by town council

Submitted by Stomper N

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A resident has been hanging bird cages outside the parapet of Block 328 Hougang Avenue 5 for months, despite safety concerns raised.

Stomper N said the fourth-floor resident has been doing so since May 4 this year even after "repeated warnings" from the town council.

N explained: "It's usually one to two bird cages. They are put up, mainly during timings with strong sunlight.

"Additionally, the offender is very crafty as they will hang the bird cages when no one is looking and keep them when there are complaints from the town council.

"I feel endangered as I pass by the said block daily."

N shared photos taken on multiple occasions of the bird cages hanging precariously at height, with the latest pictures captured on Monday (July 24), at around 12.18pm.

He added: "Can you see how dangerously the bird cages are hung outside by a thin strand of wire? The common walkway is just below and should the cages fall down, someone unlucky will be killed or badly injured by this irresponsible action of killer litter.

"I feel that the town council is taking a very lenient approach, saying they have warned the resident. They also cannot be around 24/7 to check.

"A bird cage isn't light, let alone two bird cages. Strong winds can dislodge the cages and cause them to fall and injure or kill passers-by below. Do we want accidents to happen before strong enforcement is taken? Who should be held responsible then?"

In response to a Stomp query, Aljunied-Hougang Town Council said: "The town council has previously engaged the owners of the bird cages, advising them that objects hung precariously are potential killer litter and therefore they were not to do so.

"We will continue to engage the residents concerned.

"The town council has been actively engaging residents on the dangers of placing items precariously on parapets, window ledges and laundry racks through our educational outreach and routine inspections."

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