Bird cages seen hanging outside window in Hougang again -- but at different unit

Submitted by Stomper Chan

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When Stomper Chan saw bird cages on window ledges at Block 832 Hougang Central in July, he was concerned about what would happen should they fall to the ground.

Two months later on Sep 17, Chan spotted another two bird cages hanging outsideĀ a window at the same block again. But this time, they are spotted outside a different unit.

Chan informed Stomp about what he saw and sent photos that he took at 1.24pm.

"The resident usually places his bird cages on the air-con vent outside his window in the afternoon," Chan said.

"I noticed that he has been doing so since May this year.

"I am concerned about what could happen if these bird cages fall during strong winds.

"What if another resident is just below the block when something bad happens?"

Stomp has contacted Aljunied-Hougang Town Council for more information.