Hougang resident 'conquers' fitness corner by hanging laundry on bamboo poles

Submitted by Stomper Ting

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Some flat dwellers may feel like insufficient sunlight reaches the laundry they hang out to dry in their homes.

One Hougang Avenue 9 resident decided to 'conquer' the situation by hanging her laundry at a fitness corner near Block 974.

Stomper Ting, who lives in the area, was on her way to lunch on Sunday (Oct 6) when she came across the clothes hanging on bamboo poles at the fitness corner.

"It's inconsiderate," she said.

"By hanging clothes this way, no people can use the fitness corner.

"There were not only clothes but panties and bras hanging too."

She told Stomp this is the first time she's seen someone do something like this in her neighbourhood.

"The town council should look into this."

Stomp has reached out to the town council for comment.