S'pore influencer leaves netizens 'gasping for air' with toned physique

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Dec 1, 2022

A TikTok video of a Singapore woman showing off her toned physique and flexing her muscles has garnered a whopping 1.3 million views since it was posted on Monday (Nov 28).

The fitness influencer regularly posts clips of herself working out at the gym or post-workout, but in the caption of the 11-second video in question, she apologises for not posting one “for a while.”

“Been focusing on my cut, and after every training session, I just want to go home and sleep… don’t mind me posting my progression videos,” wrote the 25-year-old fitness influencer.

Going by the number of views, it doesn’t seem anyone is minding at all.

The video has also notched just over 1,800 comments, and some netizens were in awe of how ripped Syimah is.

"Your physique. I'm gasping for air," one TikTok user wrote.

@macz3us So sorry i haven’t been posting for awhile. Life has been hectic and my priorities changed for awhile. Been focusing on my cut and after every training session, i just wanted to go home and sleep. I’ll be back with my dancing videos soon (no promises). So don’t mind me posting my progression videos #fyp #singapore #StillAwkward #gym #bodybuilding ♬ original sound - ozu

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