'Hooligan' cabby allegedly refuses to drive family when he sees one of them in wheelchair

Submitted by Stomper lance

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A man alleged that a taxi driver refused to drive his family when the cabby saw his mother-in-law in a wheelchair.

Stomper Lance said it happened outside Westgate shopping mall in Jurong East on Sunday (Oct 22).

"Our family dinner ended in disaster when we booked a ComfortDelgro cab at 9.15pm," recounted the Stomper.

"When the taxi arrived, the driver was mumbling about my mother-in-law being wheelchair-bound. As she tried to board, he stopped her and said we were over the limit when he spotted my three-year-old.

"After the driver refused to drive us and demanded we cancel the ride, my wife pleaded with him to just take her mother and father while my wife, myself and my son would book another cab because it was late. But he refused and insisted we cancel the ride.

"After we alighted and picked up our stuff from the boot, I took a photo of the cab plate. That was when the hooligan driver turned aggressive, he got out and charged towards me shouting, 'Not happy, complain!'

"When my wife tried to pick up our son from taxi, he blocked her and tried to close the door with my son inside.

"Only when the security guard from Westgate arrived and threatened to call the police, then he caved.

"I did not manage to get a video because the driver was very aggressive."

The Stomper said on Monday he tried the ComfortDelgro helpline but could not get through.

He added that he had yet to make a police report.

"My wife was traumatised by the gangster taxi driver. She said he knows our address because of the app booking."