Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu gives birth to baby boy

Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu has given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

His name? Brendan Lee.

She announced the birth of her child on her Instagram on Oct 13.

She posted a photo of her hands making a heart around her son's tiny hands with the caption: "We are complete".

Her husband, Philip Lee posted a photo of himself cuddling their son on his own Instagram page.

He expanded on how they chose a name for their newborn:

"Hello Brendan Lee, an Irish name meaning "prince", and a nickname we had for BabyLee throughout the pregnancy after I dreamt his name one night. Born a few days ago by natural delivery, between 7-8lbs, healthy and a good set of lungs. Mummy is fine but also very very tired. A new challenge of breastfeeding begins now along with traditional one-month confinement, she will not be looking at the phone much so everyone please give her your best wishes and pray that she gets rest and recovers asap. Thank you for your blessings."

MyolieMyolie, 27 and Philip, 43, got married in a glitzy wedding ceremony in December, 2015.

Myolie confirmed that she was pregnant in May this year and posted photos from her baby shower in September.